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American Classical Charter Academy’s faculty and staff work together to maintain constant parent/teacher communication, enriched student experiences, and a loving and safe environment. Read what our parents are saying and share your experience below!

Violet's math skills have come so far since she has been a student at ACCA! She knew how to count and knows her numbers, but recently has been doing adding and subtracting! She can tell you 6+6 off the top of her head. Basic math that just one month ago she couldn't even do on her fingers quite right shes now doing in her head. She loves her school and the fact that she gets to do Art and Music. She comes home singing a new song almost every day. She especially loves the Lego Club! She comes home every Friday and cant wait to tell us what she built that day.

Another great feature about the school that I, as a parent, love is the constant communication. My other kids go to public school, and it's like pulling teeth to set up meetings or check on my child's progress and where they may need help. At ACCA, I get daily, weekly, and monthly notes home about her strong suits and her weaknesses so that we can work on them. I get these updates from her teacher and even her principal.

When I email the admin, I get an immediate response! Every staff member, I feel, knows my child by name and its clear that everyone interacts with each other, and it's not restricted to age or grade. The school and the administration treat the students like family and seems to be genuinely invested in each child's success.

I'm so glad that I made this decision for my daughter's education. She's already come leaps and bounds and its only been two months. I look forward to her continued growth and education at ACCA.

ACCA ParentKindergarten

“This year we decided to switch things up for our 1st grader after being told how much he struggled in school both with his behavior and academically…I literally cannot express how happy I am that we switched him into ACCA. His behavior has seen a dramatic difference and he is excelling! The class sizes are small which means he’s finally getting the attention and direction he needs from a classroom setting.”

ACCA Parent1st Grade

“So far our experience with ACCA has been a great success. I noticed within 2-weeks my oldest son’s penmanship improved drastically and his vocabulary has been impressive. I see a light in his eyes when he is learning. He is really proud! His anxiety has diminished drastically, and he no longer needs noise canceling headphones to do his work at school. It is a very calming atmosphere in ACCA.”

ACCA Parent5th Grade

“I know I can count on ACCA to expose [my children] to classical literature and music…It is comforting to know ACCA is covering great classical literature. We love the quality extracurricular activities ACCA offers afterschool hours as well as the smaller class sizes and zero student-owned electronics so there is less distraction from learning.”

ACCA Parent2nd Grade

“I love the 5th-grade teacher. He is wonderful with my son. More than anything I appreciate the dress-up day. The school expects excellence and the kids dress to impress. My son loves looking nice but now he has increased pride and shows that by wearing a tie with loafers on Friday.”

ACCA Parent5th Grade

“We love this school! We were a homeschool family and were looking for a good option for a school that would be similar to the classical model we used at home. We are so happy and fortunate to have found ACCA! The staff is incredibly dedicated to teaching classically, involved and have a personal relationship with each individual student. My daughter is in the first grade and absolutely loves her school and her teacher! She has learned so much in only one month.”

ACCA Parent3rd Grade

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