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American Classical Charter Academy uses a combination of a content-rich classical curriculum and traditional teaching methods to open students’ minds for a deeper understanding of subjects. Classical academies around the country have proven that this curriculum surpasses the “teach to the test” mindset of government-run schools.


The Difference That Matters

Latin Language

American Classical Charter Academy integrates Latin, a foundation language, so that children are afforded critical knowledge which improves their capacity to build an extensive vocabulary, deeper reading comprehension, and excellent grammar in English and other languages. Almost 60% of the English language is derived from Latin.

Civics Curriculum

Civics and self-governance principles, including inalienable rights, natural law, American constitutionalism and the free market system, are important to understanding American history and culture. Students at American Classical Charter Academy will read and understand the U.S. Constitution, among other founding documents and primary source materials. Americans should have a love for country, and this concept is embedded in American Classical Charter Academy’s curriculum.

School-Wide Math Blocks

Students at American Classical Academy are offered math at the same time of the day to allow for math ability grouping. Each child will be placed and taught at the level and pace to allow maximum retention and long-term success. “Conceptual” math is the foundation for students to understand mathematical concepts before working through math problems using abstract algorithms and methods. Singapore Math is the core of our math curriculum. It provides a strong foundation for a deep understanding of mathematics.

Cultural Literacy

Students at American Classical Charter Academy have superior reading comprehension and cultural literacy necessary for knowledgeable American citizens. American Classical Charter Academy’s program covers and analyzes historical events, geography, scientific discoveries, and the humanities while employing the Socratic method to foster a more complete understanding of the liberal arts.

Character Building

Those who fail to govern themselves will themselves be governed. Each pupil will learn and understand that their success can only be built on American Classical Charter Academy’s Eight Pillars of Virtue: Cooperation, Courage, Honesty, Humility, Integrity, Perseverance, Respect, and Responsibility


At American Classical Charter Academy our teaching philosophy and core values come to life through our talented teachers and school leaders.


Enroll at our classical charter academy, today!

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