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American Classical Charter Academy provides an excellent education through an academically rigorous curriculum. Our school day is structured around teacher-led direct instruction where we make the most of every educational minute. At ACCA, we believe in knowledge-centered education where the teacher is the leader of classroom instruction. You will not find cooperative learning centers or student pods in our classrooms or observe project-based, child-directed instruction taking place. Desks face the front of the room, and our students show their respect for teachers by standing when they answer questions or address their teachers. Classroom bookcases are filled with classics and other well-written literature and our classroom space is used to educate, not decorate. The following list provides an overview of what you will and will not see in an ACCA classroom.


What an ACCA Classroom IS…

  • Scholarly setting

  • Students seated at desks facing the teacher

  • Organized, uncluttered, and well-structured

  • Visuals relate to the curriculum

  • Excellent student work displayed

  • Beautiful artwork and maps on the walls

  • No unnecessary technology

What an ACCA Classroom is NOT…

  • Students teaching students

  • Students working on the floor or lounging around

  • Pods or groups of desks

  • Self-esteem posters or unnecessary decorations

  • Busy knick-knacks, stress balls, novelty pencils, or other toys

  • Full of bean bag chairs, exercise desks, bouncy-ball seats, or the like


What an ACCA Classroom IS…

  • Teacher-led instruction

  • Knowledge-based instruction

  • A challenging curriculum that causes state test scores to take of themselves

  • Students rising to meet high expectations

  • A focus on mastery of content

  • Memorization of math facts, poetry, and proverbs

  • Phonics-based reading instruction – beginning in Kindergarten

  • An environment where every minute matters

  • Homework that reinforces and supports subject matter

What an ACCA Classroom is NOT…

  • Student-led instruction or students teaching students

  • Time-consuming, project-based learning

  • Busy work like coloring, word searches, or independent learning packets

  • Teaching to the state test

  • Whole-language approach to reading and writing

  • Regular classroom parties

  • Using technology for entertainment or social media

  • Lots of down time or independent activities

  • Homework is limited, non-existent, or busy work


What an ACCA Classroom IS…

  • Clear expectations and discipline established

  • Students are respectful to teachers and peers

  • Students stand for the Pledge, recitations, discussions, etc.

  • Students answer clearly and articulately, with proper grammar

  • Administration supportive of teachers with disciplinary efforts

  • Bullying handled quickly and forcefully by administration

  • Students participating in classroom discussions

What an ACCA Classroom is NOT…

  • Unclear expectations and lack of student discipline

  • Students on cell phones or with headphones in ears

  • Little or no disciplinary support by administration

  • Students address teachers colloquially – dude, man, bro!

  • Students lounge at desks or on the floor

  • Bullying swept under the rug or ignored

  • Students checking out or giving up

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