Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are charter schools?

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools that operate under a contract with their local school district. Charter schools offer different curriculum and teaching methods than their government-run public school counterparts. Charter schools are publicly funded, and are held accountable for academic and financial to results by the local school district and state.

How does ACCA prepare its students for state testing?

ACCA’s model of providing a classical curriculum in a structured classroom setting helps to ensure our students are ready for the Florida State tests.  In order to make certain all students feel supported, ACCA will conduct baseline testing throughout the year and provide additional interventions to our students as needs are identified, regardless of if they are in a state tested grade level.

Are students required to wear uniforms?

Yes. ACCA proudly partners with GQ Uniforms to provide high quality uniforms at an affordable cost to our families. Learn more about the requirements and how to purchase here.

Which grades are offered at ACCA?

ACCA offers grades K – 8.

How does ACCA’s curriculum differ from other public schools in Osceola County?

ACCA meets the same Florida State standards of education using a Classical curriculum offering.  We follow the Core-Knowledge Sequence and place emphasis on the usage of primary sources and classical literature in the classroom.  Reading is taught using Riggs Phonics and in 3rd Grade students are introduced to the Latin and Greek roots of language.  At ACCA we use Singapore Math for all grade levels.  Leadership is also taught to all students using our R.A.I.S.E. program.  Learn more about our curriculum here.

Does ACCA follow the same academic calendar as the Osceola County School District?

Yes, although it is at the discretion of the ACCA School Board to adopt the ACCA Academic Calendar.  Please reference our calendar for more details.

What types of technologies does ACCA utilize in its classrooms?

At ACCA, students will not have laptops or individual iPads for every student and they are not permitted to have cell phones at their desk.  However, students will have access to technology throughout their day in tech labs and in the classroom.  Depending on the grade level their interaction with technology will look very different.  As students get older it becomes important to their development as leaders that they be able to use laptops for research and projectors for public speaking presentations.

Are ACCA teachers be certified?

ACCA is proud of the high caliber of teachers we have on staff.  Our teachers are all experts in their fields with a wide range of teaching experience.

Are parent volunteer hours be required?

No but they are greatly appreciated.

What are ACCA school hours?

For 2019-2020 school begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM.

Does ACCA offer after school programs?

Yes, ACCA offers both Extended Day programs as well as clubs to keep students academically, physically, and creatively engaged.  Please visit our Extended Day page for more information.