Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are charter schools?

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools that operate under a contract with their local school district. Charter schools offer different curriculum and teaching methods than their government-run public school counterparts. Charter schools are publicly funded, and are held accountable for academic and financial to results by the local school district and state.

How will ACCA prepare its students for state testing?

ACCA will conduct very little test-prep because quality instruction ensures that state tests take care of themselves. Every minute matters in the classroom. That being said, since charter schools are public schools, they are required to participate in the state testing system. ACCA will use a classical curriculum and traditional teaching methods to address state standards, and all students will be prepared for state testing.

When will ACCA open?

ACCA will open grades K-6 in August 2019, the same as other Osceola public schools.

Are students required to wear uniforms?

Yes. ACCA partners with Lands’ End for uniforms. Get the details here.

Which grades will be offered?

ACCA anticipates evolving into a K-8 school by 2021. The school will open with grades K-6 in August 2019.

How does ACCA’s curriculum differ from the other public schools in Osceola County?

ACCA uses Singapore Math, Riggs Phonics, and the Core-Knowledge Sequence. Primary sources and classical literature take precedence over textbooks.

Where will ACCA be located?

St. Cloud, Florida, on Hickory Tree Road.

What types of technologies will ACCA utilize in its classrooms?

No reliable research demonstrates that technology improves student achievement. In fact, research is beginning to show that screens are damaging to the proper development of children. At ACCA, one will not see laptops or iPads on every desk, and cell phones are not permitted. We believe in the beauty and goodness of books, dialogue, and quality human-to-human interaction.

Will foreign language be offered?

Yes. Latin begins in third grade at ACCA.

Will parent volunteer hours be required?

No but they are greatly appreciated.