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American Classical Charter Academy Enrollment Policy


American Classical Charter Academy (ACCA) has an open-enrollment policy in accordance with Florida’s Open Enrollment statute 1002.31 and does not discriminate in its admissions or enrollment practices on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, gender, income level, disability, English proficiency or athletic ability. This Enrollment Policy supersedes any other previously established enrollment policy.




ACCA does not discriminate in its admissions or enrollment practices on the basis of race, age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, income level, disabling condition, English proficiency, or athletic ability.


Application Process.


Students interested in attending ACCA shall complete and submit an application to the school. Application forms can be accessed at the school’s website, or at the front office of each campus. All applications must be complete to be considered received. Applications will be time-stamped upon receipt.


Applications may be submitted during the Controlled Open Enrollment period, prior to the start of each school year. Open Enrollment dates for the upcoming school year will be posted on the school’s website and the front office of each campus. At the close of the open enrollment period, a determination will be made if a lottery is necessary based on the number of applications received for each grade level at each campus. If the number of applications is less than or equal to the student capacity designated for a particular grade level for a particular campus, all applicants for that grade level at that campus will be offered enrollment pursuant to Florida Statute 1002.31. ACCA may refuse to admit any student who is subject to a current expulsion or suspension or from another educational institution as provided in s. 1002.20(6)(a).


If, for any grade level at any campus, the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of openings, there will be a lottery to determine enrollment and waitlist numbers. Only applications completed during the open enrollment period will be included in the lottery. The lottery is a system that randomly identifies students for enrollment. If a lottery is necessary, it will be held at some point after the open enrollment period has closed. Once determined, the date of the lottery will be posted on the school’s website and at the front office of each campus participating in the lottery. Results of the lottery will be disseminated to school stakeholders within five (5) business days after conducting the lottery.


Intent to Return


Current students will be exempt for the lottery process if they complete the annual Intent to Return Form. Current students that fail to complete the annual Intent to Return risk having their spots re-allocated to incoming students. If a student misses the deadline for the Intent tot Return, they can apply for the lottery and must do so by the Controlled Open Enrollment deadline. If a student completes the Intent to Return after the Controlled Open Enrollment deadline, they will be placed on the waitlist in the time and date order of submission.


Enrollment Priorities.


Enrollment priority will be given to students who meet the following criteria in the order listed:

1. Students whose parents are employees of ACCA or whose parents are on the Board of Directors 

    of ACCA.

2. Students who have siblings enrolled with ACCA.

3. Students who are of an active duty member of any branch of service


All applications shall be drawn during the lottery process and assigned an enrollment priority. Once all spaces for a specific grade level are full, a waitlist shall be created using the enrollment priority established during the lottery. Wait lists shall be operated on a grade-level basis to ensure the maximum number of students may be admitted to the school, subject to the maximum class size pursuant to s. 1003.03 and s. 1, Art. IX of the State Constitution


Applications received following the completion of the open enrollment period will be granted priority on a first-come, first-serve basis for the school year for which the lottery was operated. For grade levels where wait lists were established during the lottery process, late applications will be appended to the end of the waitlist on a first-come, first-serve basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Open Enrollment Procedures and Lottery

If ACCA receives applications in excess of capacity, a random lottery will be performed to determine which applicants will be enrolled in the school. Learn more about our lottery procedures by visiting FLDOE.

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