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American Classical Charter Academy believes that learning and teaching philosophy comes alive through our talented teachers and school leaders. We offer the traditional model of education leads students on a journey of engagement. This traditional model includes Language Arts, Math, Science, Latin, History, Geography, Music, and Art. With the foundational components along with our excellent staff, we offer an environment where any scholar can thrive.



American Classical Charter Academy opened in August of 2019 in Osceola County. The building site was on 7+ acres on Hickory Tree Road, about a half mile south of U.S. 192. This was the first stepping stone for the 40,000 square foot campus and very exciting as it serves as a great education point for the fast growing St. Cloud area. On top of this, our charter school brings top level education without the high price tag. 



We offer World-Class education that is free bringing opportunity to all young students. American Classical Charter Academy cultivates virtue and knowledge which are the foundations in our teachings. We want our students to become bright young adults of the future and we do this through a coherent, cumulative, knowledge-based curriculum called our Core Knowledge Sequence. 

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