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Parent-Student Handbook

The information you will find in the American Classical Charter Academy  Parent-Student Handbook serves as a guideline for you iin understanding  and navigating the policies and procedures of ACCA.

For parents and students, this book gives you helpful information regarding Attendance, Academics, Discipline, Dress Code, Grading, and Pupil Progression.


Please take the time to read review ACCA's  Parent-Student Handbook. We believe that the information provided in the handbook gives us all the opportunity to work together collaboratively on a daily basis as we strive to provide the an excellent, holistic, classical education for you, our ACCA students, parents, and surrounding community.ucation for you, our MDHS students and parents.

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American Classical Charter Academy’s tuition-free, traditional education model is delivered to students through our talented teachers and school leaders. Our traditional curriculum leads engagement and learning in an environment where all students can thrive featuring Latin language courses, math, science, history, geography, music, art, ballroom dancing, and more. THE MISSION of American Classical Charter Academy in Saint Cloud is to develop a foundation of virtue and knowledge within students by delivering a rigorous, classical, liberal arts education with a strong emphasis on the rights and duties of American citizenship.

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